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BTS – We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal (English Translation)

Song Title:BTS - We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal Songwriter: Etta Zelmani, Alex Karlsson, Alexej Viktorovitch, Jel, Antonina Armato, Audien, Candace Sosa, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen...
​hot girl bummer

​Hot girl bummer ​Lyrics – Blackbear

Song Title:Hot girl bummer ​Singer:BlackbearAlbum:BB6Songwriter:FRND & blackbear English Lyrics Fuck you, and you, and you I hate your friends and they hate me too I'm through, I'm through,...
shake it off

“Shake It Off” Lyrics – Taylor Swift

Song Title:Shake It OffSinger:Taylor SwiftAlbum:1989Producer:Shellback & Max MartinSongwriter:Shellback, Max Martin & Taylor Swift English Lyrics I stay out too late, got nothin' in my brain That's what...

Ariana Grande – POV Lyrics

Song Title:POVAlbum:Ariana Grande - PositionsSinger:Ariana GrandeDirected by:Julien Lutz pka Director X POV Lyrics It’s like you got superpowersTurn my minutes into hoursYou’ve got more than 20/20...
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