Honey’s Kettle – Lyrics Kizaru & Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Song Title:Honey’s Kettle
Release Date:June 22, 2020
Producer:Sick Luke
Written:Kizaru & Hoodrich Pablo Juan
Label:Sony Music Entertainment & Haunted Family

Honey’s Kettle Lyrics

I am at LA with five bad bitches and they lickin’
I am at Honey’s Kettle eatin’ pancakes and chicken
I got diamonds in my mouth and they glistenin’
Tried to run, shot him in the back like Ricky  (Damn, we-e, po-po-po-pow, wow-wow!)

Fifty rounds in the Drac’, I’ma make it sing
Ooh, that bitch a freak, she fuckin’, suckin’, doin’ everything
Solitaire carat earrings, these ain’t no?

Ooh, she suck the dick, she swallow nut, good protein
Yeah, fifty pointers on my neck, I ain’t sayin’ shit
Rock that Gucci head to toe, I look like mannequin (I do)
Hundred bands, I’m gamblin’
Come for the sack, I’m scramblin’
Gelato, sherbet, cannabis??

I got rich and I know I ain’t shit
Shoot that niggas, I don’t know how to diss
Five thousand on Gucci fit
Dior fenders, Ludacris
Damn, thats crazy

Can’t get money ’cause you lazy, so quit with all that hating
I am at LA with five bad bitches and they licking
I am at Honey’s Kettle eatin’ pancakes and chicken
I got diamonds in my mouth and they glistening
Tried to run, shot him in the back like Ricky Damn, we-e, po-po-po-pow, wow-wow!!


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