Waiting For Tonight Lyrics – Jennifer Lopez

Waiting For Tonight
Song Title:Waiting For Tonight
Singer:Jennifer Lopez
Album:On the 6
Songwriter:Maria Christensen & Phil Temple,
Michael Garvin

English Lyrics

Like a movie scene
In the sweetest dreams
I have pictured us together
Now to feel your lips
On my fingertips

I have to say is even better
Then I ever thought
It could possibly be
It’s perfect, it’s passion,
It’s setting me free

From all of my sadness
The tears that I’ve cried
I have spent all of my life

Waiting for tonight, oh
When you would be here in my arms
Waiting for tonight, oh
I’ve dreamed of this love for so long
Waiting for tonight

Tender words you say
Take my breath away
Love me now, leave me never
Found a sacred place
Lost in your embrace

I want to stay in this forever
I think of the days when
The sun used to set
On my empty heart


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